Friday, July 01, 2005

Two in a Handbasket

"Oh, but it will be fun to watch Spain and Canada burn in hell. I mean, we're right next door to Canada. We have the best possible view," writes Mark Morford in the San Francisco Chronicle.

More Unsolicited Advice: Unless you are the overly sensitive sort, make Mark regular reading. You can add yourself to his mailing list here.

Mark deals with both hands and both feet on the core related issues. For example:
Kids will, they certainly fear, be aggressively harvested, recruited, converted to homosexuality much in the same way other dark forces siphon off our youth -- like, oh, the U.S. Army sucking up lost lower-class teens or Billy Graham working for over 50 years to convert millions of Christians to a certain narrow worldview and rigid lifestyle. Yes, gays will treat kids just like that.
Catch his column before he goes to hell too.

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