Saturday, July 23, 2005

Marriage Share

As part of its public-relations/lobbying efforts, MassEquality is seeking tales of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. Through the end of this month, Field Organizer Jon Marker is collecting such stories into a book One Year of Marriage Equality.

If you are part of a gay married couple interested in telling your story, go to MassEquality's sharing page. It lets you write up to 250 words and upload up to three digital pictures.

Contributors do it for the greater good. They receive no compensation, but joyful bragging is surely priceless.

MassEquality will not sell the book, but they will distribute a copy to the commonwealth legislators as they consider same-sex marriage issues.

As Marker says in an In Newsweekly article, "We'll make sure they have the books long before the Constitutional Convention starts."

By the bye, there is a long, sweet example story in the article.

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