Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Get Over It Up North

While the Canadian legal approval of C-38 approving same-sex marriage nationwide dribbles on, polled Canadians want to get on with their lives. They seem to accept that this is a done deal. As the managing partner of pollster Strategic Counsel Tim Woolstencroft commented, "The Liberals have been successful in defining same-sex as an issue of rights, not a moral issue."

The Globe and Mail and CTV surveyed 1,000 Canadians between July 5th and 10th. Highlights include:
  • 55% want the next government to keep its hands off and 39% want a repeal effort
  • 51% did not support homosexual couples being allowed to adopt children and 46% do
  • From a list of the current Liberal government's accomplishments, same-sex marriage (19%) ranked second only to a massive health-care cash infusion (28%)
Conservatives are increasingly hard-pressed to back up their bluster than the vast majority of Canadians oppose same-sex marriage. That appears to be a vast majority of Conservatives.

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