Sunday, April 30, 2006

Adoption Hand-Off by Catholic Charities

Good for the kids. The board of Catholic Charities managed to rise above the cruel and destructive politics of our Cardinal and the Pope.

Under orders from the Church hierarchy, they had to stop all adoptions rather than risk placing one or two needy kids a year with assiduously screened same-sex couples. They found an agency that will pick up the load. God bless everyone involved, exception the sniveling politicians in cassocks.

Child & Family Services Inc.
in New Bedford will get the the Charities' adoption caseload at the end of June. That is not a terrific strain. Numerous agencies in the commonwealth act on adoptions. While Charities is one of the top five, it does not place thousands or hundreds a year; in 2005, it placed 41 children.

Charities already works with Child & Family services. So the transfer was easy.

After two decades of adoption services, Charities had to quit under order of Archbishop Sean O'Malley. It reports that in total it had placed 720 children, 13 of those with gay couples. That is 1.8% of its adoptions, almost all of those very hard-to-place kids.

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