Thursday, April 13, 2006

MFI: Not the Droids You Seek

Supposedly there is honor among thieves. That doesn't seem to extend to anti-gay and anti-SSM folk here. Bay Windows reports on an April 5th letter Mass Family Institute sent to legislators. The letter ends:
MCM, MassNews, Article 8 and MassResistance are not members of [the] coalition. They are not affiliated with us and we do not work with them.
With MCM (Mass Citizens For Marriage), that's nearly the whole SSM universe here, short of Sean O'Malley. It's amusing that one outlier would choose this moment to distance itself from the others. MFI was about to testify for the amendment to ban SSM here.

Also, Article8's Brian Camenker, Scott Whitemen and the Parent's Rights Coalition are getting sued for allegedly illegally taping Margot Abels at a workshop for teens. The very-right-wing American Family Association will defend them for free.

All in all, it does look like a good time for MFI to put some space between itself and the miniature, interlocking groups of ranters and ravers.

As background, BW included:
While Camenker, the Pawlicks (of MassNews) and their respective organizations may not be working to pass’s amendment, there is a history of cooperation between the activists involved in those groups that goes back at least a decade (see “Inner-Circle Jerks,” March 13, 2006). Most recently the Massachusetts Independent Political Action Committee for Working Families (MIPAC/WF) gave a $500 contribution to Article 8 in March 2005. The president of MIPAC/WF is MFI co-founder and board vice president Robert Bradley, and the PAC is run by political consultant Larry Cirignano, who as executive director of Catholic Citizenship is one of the key strategists in the coalition. Reilly worked as a political consultant for MIPAC/WF in 2004 and worked briefly as a writer for MassNews before joining MFI.
Perhaps these clowns will hang separately. On the face of it from the outside view, they are the same. Yet from one to the other, each seems to have its narrow specialty in self-righteousness.

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