Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lackaday, Citizen DeLay

Shadowy, smarmy, slimy superciliousness surfaced yesterday and today in Tom DeLay. To catch the full absurdity of the former U.S. House majority leader's resignation announcement try:
Even if you are not easily offended or outraged, prepare to be both.

The propensity of the amoral to deny responsibility is there, as is that of the authoritative personality to lie bald-faced, as is that of the self-identified Christian right to claim victimhood.

Consider the longer-quotes version in the New York Times. He had the gall to say, "I have no regrets today and no doubts. I am proud of the past, I am at peace with the present and I'm excited about the future, which holds as always America's brightest days and mine, too."

His future includes trial on a variety of dirty-money charges in his native Texas. He was also headed for defeat in trying to keep his House seat. Several of his close staffers have pleaded guilty to finance charges.

Yet, DeLay hams it up with apparently great confidence. We predict after he is convicted on some charges, he'll continue to point to the weaker-evidence ones dropped earlier or to one on which he escaped a guilty finding on. He'll continue to claim innocence.

He denies what is obvious to his own party and seemingly everyone awake in Texas, that he'd lose if he stayed in his House race. He also feigns innocence in Texas and that the Feds, who are circling him like ants around a sugar cube as his associates cooperate, have no interest in and are not investigating him.

He resigns, he would have it, not because he has done anything wrong. Rather he wants to rob those evil Democrats of being able to make up ad hominem lies. "Because I care so deeply about this district and the people in it, I refuse to allow liberal Democrats an opportunity to steal this seat with a negative personal campaign."

Likewise, as the Post quotes him, his money laundering case is also just personal and untrue. He "insisted that he would ultimately prevail over his Texas nemesis, Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle, who obtained the indictment against him last year. 'He may win this battle, but in the end, we're going to give him a pretty good Texas whooping. Because the charges against me are frivolous.'"

Perhaps he needs to share whatever drugs he's taking to help him perceive so positively with so much evidence to the contrary. To wit:
"I have no fear whatsoever about any investigation into me or my personal or professional activities," DeLay said, adding later in his statement, "I have no regrets today, and no doubts."

DeLay asserted that "the Abramoff affair has nothing to do with me" and that according to the Justice Department, "I'm not a target of this investigation." He said he has always served "honorably and ethically" and has "never broken a law nor the spirit of the law nor a House rule."
So there you have it. He's innocent and honorable. All the testimony and paper trail of his crimes is a big leftist conspiracy.

When Jack Abramoff himself names Delay, that will have to be a leftist GOP conspiracy, or at least a fallacious personal attack. As the jail door grumbles and clinks its sudden closure behind him, we surely are to pity this poor, unfairly convicted martyr for what's good in America, for what's right with godly Christians and for the Republican Party way.

Longhorn View: Down in DeLayLand, in October, Molly Ivins had a take on the six felony charges against DeLay. She wrote he was not smart enough to get away with his crimes. As for Earle:
Jeez, that was quite a hissy fit Tom DeLay had, calling Ronnie Earle a rogue prosecutor, a partisan fanatic and an unabashed partisan zealot out for personal revenge.

Ronnie Earle? Our very own mild-mannered –— well, let'’s be honest, bland as toast, eternally unexciting, Mr. Understatement, Old Vanilla – Ronnie Earle? If the rest of Tom DeLay’' defense is as accurate as his description of Ronnie Earle, DeLay might as well have himself measured for a white jumpsuit right now.

For the one-zillionth time, of the 15 cases Ronnie Earle has brought against politicians over the years, 12 of them were against Democrats. Earle was so aggressive in going after corrupt Democrats, the Republicans never even put up a candidate against him all during the '80s.

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