Monday, April 17, 2006

Careless Kerry Cramps Kids

There is a rumor that this blog criticized our lieutenant governor, Kerry Healey. How harsh, but you can judge for yourself.

Now a (caution, granny word) pip of an analysis of her views on education appears at Kerry Healey - Out of Touch. As a bonus, he gets a boost from gubernatorial candidate Tom Reilly, using the magic phrase "She's completely out of touch..."

So, our North Shore princess thinks her kids couldn't talk about what's important if they went to (ugh) public schools. KH-OoT explains her code words.

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nousernamenull111 said...

Thanks for the plug, even if you have to use granny words like "pip"!

Keep up the great blogging.
KH - OoT

massmarrier said...

We could do some real log rolling. I'm glad you're on her case.

I don't necessarily want to pig pile on her. She's lame enough without any help. But I'm glad you're watching and reporting.