Friday, April 14, 2006

Nasty Mouth, North and South

In Canada and Georgia alike, a few locals are demanding the right to bad mouth homosexuals and same-sex marriage. In unrelated, geographically distant efforts, a government official up North and two Georgia Tech students want the right to rant.

In Canada, Department of Indian Affairs employee Susan Comstock is solo. She is a local vice president of the union Public Service Alliance of Canada. She is outspoken in her anti-gay, anti-SSM views. She wants:
  • Any of her union dues used to campaign for SSM diverted to a charity.
  • The union to drop its zero-tolerance of heterosexism.
At Georgia Tech, a junior and a senior are hand puppets in an Alliance Defense Fund action against the university. It is similar to the Canadian instance in that the students want the right to rail against homosexuals and same-sex marriage. They call it freedom of speech.

The twist in the Georgia version is that the ADF suit (here in PDF) also alleges that the university's optional Safe Space program is not what it claims, an effort to "increase the visible presence of student and adult allies who can help to shape a school culture that is accepting of all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or any other difference."

Instead, they aim to prove that the program violates the university policy forbidding student funds going for religious or political activities. They say Safe Space acts to "engage in religious counseling, instruct community members in what they believe is the correct interpretation of holy texts on issues of homosexuality, promote the beliefs of religions that favor homosexual behavior, and denigrate religions that oppose this behavior."

The Canadian woman similarly plays the money card. Like a childless suburbanite who doesn't want taxes going to subways or schools, Comstock said, "To me this was an instance where they had made a choice that gay rights were going to trump religious rights, and what's more, they were doing it with my money."

Much of the world is inching toward tolerance. These scoundrels refuse to accept that it will require a modicum of respect for others. At private gatherings, they can still rant and slur, insult and stereotype. In some public squares, those are not acceptable.

How amusing is it that they would claim victimhood. After all, all they want is the right to harangue, harass and insult others. Isn't that the American -- and Canadian -- way?

Well, no.

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Anonymous said...

Can they claim this is an infringementon their rights if you insert "African American" for "homosexual"?


Then they should STFU.

That religious-tax bunk sounds like it's likely a specious claim...

massmarrier said...

Yeah, but it makes me snicker. When the Dark Side starts claiming victimhood on an issue, it means they have admitted defeat. Witness the bozos who tried to follow up after the civil-rights advances of the 1970s and 1980s, they were begging for crumbs. Let 'em beg. Let 'em suffer. Let 'em alienate their fellow conservatives who become embarrassed by their asinine claims. It is to laugh a pinko laugh.