Friday, April 28, 2006

The Belch Heard 'round Lexington

A year on, the Lexington looneys are still at it. Yesterday, the Mad Dad and his uxorial unit, plus a new brace of allegedly outraged primary-school-student's parents, filed a federal suit against the local school system.

The local media have sensibly chosen not to make much of it, having been burned by coverage a year ago. However, you can find out more than you want or need to know from the Lexington Minuteman article.

Also, the drama queens over at Article 8/MassResistance promise:
Check back FRIDAY at NOON (EST). We'll be posting:
  • Coverage (including photos) from Thursday's press conference
  • Entire text of lawsuit filed Thursday morning!
  • And more.
They are always hours and sometimes days late with these things, but they eventually come through. Their coverage is always more entertaining than truth or reason too.

The short of it that the suit wants the federal courts to give the foursome the power to control the curriculum and library of the local elementary school. They are outraged, outraged I tell you, that picture books in the schools would show the reality of the existence of gay families.

Feel free to scratch you head. And yes, these same court-hating people suddenly want an activist judge to rule in their favor on this.

You also know that they are sooner or later going to hear that if they want this level of control that they need to pick and pay for a private school that will provide it, for that fee.


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