Sunday, April 30, 2006

Healey Straddles the Dead Horse

Our Afghan hound clone of a Republican Party gubernatorial nominee had no surprises at her convention. She intends to flog a horse so dead that its bones crumble under Kerry Healey's cudgel.

In Lowell, to faint huzzahs, she echoed our occasional governor, Willard Mitt Romney, with, "To every voter who wants to keep two-party democracy alive in this state and hold your government accountable, I ask you to stand with us in this election."

Willard kicked that poor equine corpse up and down Beacon Street to victory. Like Healey will do, he predicted that something just terrible would happen if there was also a Democratic governor. Clearly having an indecisive, visionless, do-nothing Republican would be vastly superior.

Well, has it been?

There's probably no reasonable way for Democrats to show what an incredible deceit Healey's main point is. They would first have to admit publicly that there are a frightening number of DINOs in office here. A few urban legislators, and many suburban and exurban ones, speak and vote as Republicans -- on aid to the poor, on crime and punishment, on taxes, or mass transit, on abortion and on gay rights.

To my Southern relatives, it is plain from that distance that we live in Pinko-Land, home to communists and others Godless liberals. That's all too plainly not reality on the streets or under the golden dome.

We look forward to blogger takes on Healey, particularly Kerry Healey -- Out of Touch. Meanwhile, we can imagine and hope for a Massachusetts that she pretends looms. If only we had enough Democrats with conviction, passion and plans to fill 200 General Court seats, plus two chairs upstairs.

Unfortunately, we never have and don't now.

Let her beat hollow noises on the skeleton of that dead horse, a kind of one-party scare-horse. The rest of us have work to do on a commonwealth that needs a lot of repair from the damage of Republicans and DINOs.

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