Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Un-Lieberman Visits JP

Ned Lamont probably shouldn't be my business, but hey, I can be as provincial as anyone. His local visit is going to be literally out my back door. If I push through the privets, I could hop into the house party. (Now, there's an Easter-week image for you.)

Lamont is up against three-time incumbent U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman from Connecticut. He apparently is staging a hit-and-grab raid into my pinko neighborhood in Jamaica Plain. The event is April 18th at 6 p.m.

Why should we or you care about the Federal Senator from neighboring state, one might ask. From this perspective, he's up against George the Lesser's favorite pro-Iraq-War lapdog. There's a lot of liberal potential in replacing Liberman with a progressive Dem, a real Dem.

He has a tough fight. While the campaign is just starting, according to the Washington Post, Lieberman polled 68% to unknown Lamont's 13%. On the other hand, Lieberman knows that his kissy-Bush behavior has his party members looking hard elsewhere. He's already talking seriously about running for the seat as in independent if he loses the August 8th party primary. Liberman has recognition, a pile of bucks, and his incumbency. Lamont is doing a Deval Patrick -- coming in with a real platform and trying hard to get known.

Lamont claims to be against the war and Bush's spying on citizens. He's for SSM, employers contributing to health care, pro-choice, and basically all the lefty buttons. I intend to check him out and see whether he lives up to his Web PR.

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