Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ned Lamont Teaser

I have yet to meet Ned Lamont, the nutmegger who intends to unseat DINO Joe Lieberman. He was literally out my backyard, but I got called away to accompany a visiting 89-year-old minister friend visiting from Mexico. I'm always delighted to see him, but, but, but...politics.

However, a rush review from Jimbob Kinnikin appears at BlueMassGroup. He found him to be "a real Democrat" with education as central to his campaign. He writes "I am happy to report that throughout his five minute talk, and the few questions he was able to answer before he was whisked off to the next event, my b.s. detector wasn't triggered even once."

There's more. Read it.

I'm trying to get an interview with Lamont. Connecticut or not, dumping Lieberman for a real Democrat should worthwhile to me too.

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