Saturday, April 08, 2006

Next Reilly Says She's Pro-SSM

From deep in the jungles of Pittsfield, the sole candidate to replace Attorney General Tom Reilly says that she's pro-same-sex marriage. Martha Coakley claims she won't be affected by Reilly's legal lethargy either.

She didn't get to see all the filings that Reilly did before certifying the present amendment petition to rescind SSM here. On the other hand, "I think it's a civil-rights issue. I think if I had to certify it, I would have tried to explain a little better why."
According to an interview with the Berkshire Eagle, Coakley strongly supports the SJC decision to legalize SSM. She says that Massachusetts has had no "ill effects" of the ruling. "To me, it's a question that people will continue to see that this is the right decision and I'm hoping that people will defeat the referendum (on the amendment)."

Note that Reilly alleges to be pro-SSM. Yet every time he has ruled on SSM issues -- petitions or the shameful out-of-state restrictions, he has been on the wrong side. He has claimed that he has ruled on narrow points of law and had not choice. He had the choices.

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