Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Federal SSM Amendment Fails. Now What?

The only question was how much the religious right smooching Bush's anti-SSM Constitutional amendment would fail in the Senate. The AP says it was 49 to 48 votes -- 11 votes short of the 60 to keep it alive, for eventual failure at the state level.

Dark Side forces are spinning it as, "We came closer than last time." In fact several freshmen Senators hopped in.

The question now is what this will do in the mid-term elections. One side is figuring that this will get a higher conservative and reactionary turnout for Republicans. The other thinks this is overreaching in a nation that sees real problems -- war, poverty, economic decline -- unaddressed while George the Lesser and his Congress play SSM games.

The Rev. Jerry Falwell told Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist Ray McAllister that he's taking names. God's man in Virginia said:
I'm glad we're doing it. I want to see where everyone stands. It's my opinion that anyone in the Senate running on the national level will be committing political suicide by voting against it.
He calls this good politics to help keep control of the Congress.

The fascinating angle is when will even the most simple-minded conservatives tire of all this. We saw it in Maine with the gay-rights law and with the polls in Massachusetts when now favor SSM.

There comes a point at which voters cry, "Enough!"

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