Friday, June 16, 2006

Tagged: 8 Random Things

Okay, I hear it and I admit, this blog can be too serious. This is another lightness break.

I just discovered that Luke at Apathetic Nation tagged me. Hey, I can do that too.

8 Random Things About Me

  1. I find British cryptic puzzles great recreation.
  2. My deep love of yellow extends to my leather Reebok sneakers.
  3. I believe that studying Greek was fabulous mind training (the same brilliant professor for six semesters didn't hurt).
  4. Machines and I get along just swell.
  5. It is simple for me to go to the fridge or pantry and turn out an elaborate meal from whatever.
  6. It is a sad week when I don't shop the Haymarket.
  7. I am an aggressive cyclist, but a patient, law-abiding driver.
  8. I have three sons, but look and act nothing like Fred MacMurray's Steve Douglas character.
Read 'em and weep or read 'em and laugh or read 'em and yawn.

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