Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fire in a Month

July 12th seems so far away. While the Constitutional Convention (ConCon) this year promises the drumbeats of the self-righteous and the violins of self-identified victims of the ho-ho homosexual agenda, we are distracted.

This weekend's likely anti-climatic Democratic Party Convention dominates the papers, broadcast and even the occasional blog post. Yet, Deval will surely be on the primary ballot. Just-Doing-My-Job Reilly and I-Don't-Follow-No-Stinkin'-Rules Gabrieli are the question marks. Will they have their 15% to get on the ballot and if so, will their percentage of delegates be high enough to give them credibility?

Wake me up.

Political excitement should be much more piqued by the ConCon. Fortunately, over at MassResistanceWatch, Bud has an excellent recap of the anti-gay, anti-same-sex-marriage folk. This small, vocal coterie is wonderfully consistent in its irrational and emotional arguments, concepts that will abound at the ConCon.

Don't overlook the link to the one the legislators are bound to hear and the most ignorant of them just as bound to repeat. The Forces of Darkness chant that same-sex marriage is not legal is Massachusetts. Not legal, say they.

Two years and 8,000-plus marriages on, they need this gossamer cloth to lay over their self-dug grave. The gist is that until the General Court actually passes a specific act, SSM isn't real.

Perhaps they failed civics or can't read our constitution and general laws. Regardless, listen for any legislator who repeats this addlepated lie. There's someone who needs to be turned out of office at the first available opportunity.

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