Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sit It Down for Online in Manhattan

How much self-absorption can the blogosphere suck up? Probably even more...

We're headed to Amherst for Media Giraffe's version later this month. There was the overly covered Yearly Kos convention in Las Vegas, and on and on and like that.

Now the original self-absorbed online gang, Slate, is doing its do, in of all places, the New York Public Library. You know, that place associated still with palpable books, paper and all.

In a shock to our aging sense of time, this $15-a-chair discussion (you can't do it online, ha ha ha ha) is on Thursday, June 22th, at 6:30 p.m. Students and seniors are $10 a bum. Get your tix here.

This marks Slate's tenth anniversary -- repeat, tenth.

Billed as Online Media and the Future of Journalism, this is not only narrow, but fairly incestuous. Discussants are:
  • Michael Kinsley - Slate, founding editor, who writes columns for Slate and the Washington Post.
  • Jacob Weisberg - Slate, the editor.
  • Malcolm Gladwell - New Yorker, staff writer.
  • Arianna Huffington -, co-founder and editor.
  • Norman Pearlstine - Time Inc., ex-editor-in-chief.
So it's the got-bucks, pre-geriatric set, not the Kos kiddies for this one. However, the sked promises you home for an early bedtime.

This one may be the quasi-intellectual version of a WWF smack down. Slate promises:
In this discussion, experienced practitioners of online journalism and observers of it from more traditional media will wrestle with what may be the most profound changes to face their profession in a century. Has online journalism weakened reporting and ethical standards? Has the news cycle gotten too fast for its own good? Can investigative and in-depth reporting thrive in an age of instant online analysis? How much longer will the New York Times be delivered to your door? And what might Slate look like at 20?
Ooo, ooo. Wresting...profound changes...too fast for its own good...

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