Thursday, June 08, 2006


I hope it's needless to write that if you are not visiting The Onion every Wednesday, you are wasting your chuckling ability. For those of us who take same-sex marriage seriously, perhaps too seriously, they managed to find a yuck or two in the defeat of the Bush amendment this week.

Check out the whole site, but start with American Voices (the person-in-the-street) Gay Marriage Amendment:

The US Senate voted yesterday on a proposed Constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. What do you think?

Patrick Walsh,

Bulldozer Operator

"Hopefully this will put to rest the gays' filthy desire to file joint tax returns once and for all."

David Cherney,

Car Wash Attendant

"A ban on gay marriage is a good first step, but it's time to get serious about a complete ban on the institution."

Ariel Kenner,

Piano Accompanist

"I won't rest until we declare heterosexuality the official sexuality of the United States."

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