Monday, June 26, 2006

GLAD Plays the Rhode Island Card

As we type, GLAD and Tom Reilly (or his minion) should be arguing yet again those dreadful 1913 Massachusetts laws forbidding marrying couples who home states would not solemnize the same wedding. This time, it has the legal wrinkle of Rhode Island.

Before the Suffolk Superior Court, GLAD holds for Wendy Becker and Mary Norton that Rhode Island does not forbid their marriage. So, they should not be denied that right here.

GLAD argues today that according to the Supreme Judicial Court’s March ruling in the case, couples from Rhode Island should be able to marry immediately in the Commonwealth.

We'll comment after the arguments. Meanwhile:
Both links to briefs open small PDF file.

Note that Reilly and Gov. Willard M. Romney support the 1913 laws. They also downplay that these became law to support states that did not allow interracial marriage. We hold that the legislature should remove these posthaste.

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