Thursday, June 29, 2006

Theocratic Last Gasp?

Following yesterday's anti-gay, anti-SSM theater by our Governor and the local Archbishop, it's a good time to ask what the next Governor and the next Attorney General will do when faced with shameless theocrats.

It is tempting to dismiss Romney (hasn't that always been the case?) because he is using Sean O'Malley and the VoteonMarriage folk to advance his POTUS aspirations. On the other hand, for crying out loud in a bucket, he is the sitting governor. He is influential because of his position, as we saw too clearly when he and Tom Reilly danced in step to dust off and apply those 1913 laws to thwart SSM for out-of-state couples.

So yesterday, we saw two Boomer politicians, Romney and O'Malley, trying to justify a spot of theocracy. They can mutter democracy all they choose, but we hear God's law. They simply would have one religious group impose its religious preference and belief on civil law and procedures.

There are damned good reasons both our commonwealth's and nation's constitutions and Bill of Rights forbid this. Where are our chief executive and head legal officer to come heavy and stop this? One is a shameless seeker after power and the other lacks courage of conviction.

You can be very sure that the Catholic hierarchy and the clergy who want to create public policy and law that mirror their religious beliefs would be appalled if the situation were reversed. Let us assume the opposite absurdity, that the government would require them to perform same-sex marriage. That would be unacceptable to them, to us, to MassEquality and on an on.

So, why do our Governor and Attorney General abet the theocrats? That is so cowardly and dishonest to try to hide behind a gauzy veil of alleged democracy.

This should be a campaign issue. More than asking where the candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and secretary of state stand on SSM, let us ask where the come down on theocracy. Do they believe in a clear separation of church and state? Would they ever justify changing policy and law to reflect some church's views?

We have seen what happens when there is a lack of understanding and courage at top. Let's make sure the next team is better, wiser, and more in favor of equality.

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Miss Grimke said...

That's a good name for a gospel group: "The Shameless Theocrats." Sing it like you mean it, but hands off our laws!