Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mad Dad's Lad Had Sad Bad?

Thank the blogosphere for MassResistanceWatch. Bud covered the latest on Lexington's Mad Dad. So, I can avoid doing so.

The supposed publicity-shy guy let the infamous Article8 folk run a press release on his son allegedly being roughed up at school last month.

Bud writes against bullying.

We would add the we hope for the Mad Dad's lad that he has not begun displaying self-righteousness and confrontational behavior at six.

With no apparent irony, the Article8/MassResistance folk aver:
There can be no question that this beating has little to do with children. It was fueled and incited by adults (and, yes, school officials) in the town of Lexington. And it reflects the culture of extreme intolerance against anyone with traditional beliefs, and the willingness of adults to bring children into adult issues.
Indeedy, making your kids carry the burden of your emotional foibles...

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