Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mitt Eats Toads Today

Our still-not-illustrious governor, Williard Mitt Romney, will try to distance himself from his inaction on same-sex marriage yet again today. He stands with some of the worst of the forces pushing the anti-SSM amendment at a press conference.

Short coverage from the Herald is here and from the Globe is here.

Two weeks before the ConCon to consider the amendment to stop SSM, Romney will stand with the likes of Kris Mineau, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, whose arm has gotten this amendment to the ConCon.Brylcreem ad

Romney has been courting the most conservative voters in early Presidential primary states like South Carolina. One of his image issues has been to separate himself from his wishy-washy non-leadership on SSM when it was discussed and then mandated here. He was no enemy of SSM here and his inertia combined with the inaction by the General Court forced the Supreme Judicial Court to act first.

Now his position concentrates on the matter at hand. He is recently wont to say as Mineau puts it, "Gov. Mitt Romney has supported this amendment from the moment of its origination.
" Of course, his detractors note the sheer politicial expedience of his suddenly coming down the aisle speaking in tongues on this issue. Halelujah! Mitt's been saved!

An amusing angle is that Romney is out of here at the end of the year. The amendment appears to be doomed, either at this ConCon or the 2007 one. Under the remote chance that it gets on the ballot in 2008, it will most certainly lose big in a state that has long moved beyond this issue. Yet, our Cap'n Brylcreem doesn't care. He doesn't have to -- he's a candidate.

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Anonymous said...

I think just as amusing is the anti's wanting to be associated with Mitt. His approval ratings in the state are horribly low(almost as low as the national numbers of the President he wants to replace).

I mean, most people in the state can't wait for him to go, and understand that the only time he is in the state doing anything that has something to do with MA goings on is so that he looks good to other states'crazies whom the MA electorate dismisses out of hand on most issues.

So our local crazies want to be associated with the guy courting the national crazies. Hmmm.

Hey, maybe Mineau can convince the Cap'n to do more of these! I don't think most of the legislators in MA want that association when it comes to their own re-electability.

massmarrier said...

Yeah, that's the real kick, isn't it? With the exception of a few moldy brains, the legislators here are like those in Canada, they really want the SSM issue to disappear.

Do they try a "moral" support for the dwindling anti group? Do they say they have "grown" and no longer are anti?

Mineau isn't going to stop his silliness just because most voters oppose the amendment. Where does that leave the hedging, suburban lawmakers?

And Mittsky, I don't think he can find a long enough pole to push Massachusetts and SSM away. He was the enemy general too long and SSM started on his watch.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any mention of the "three stooges" from Article Hate. Is there anyone they have't alienated?

massmarrier said...

Well, they have managed to offend even the anti-SSM amendment groups. They state that the amendment is not worthy because it doesn't go far enough, it doesn't declare the existing marriages null and forbid civil unions.

You gotta wonder whether they have pushed even the Mad Dad too far recently too. I see three lonely rocking chairs in their future.