Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wee, Wee Willy Romney

Alas, Mitt Romney, someone took your spine.

Today's press conference to align himself with the doomed anti-same-sex-marriage amendment was worse than original projections. Our sniveling governor pulled the worst possible ploy in pretending to favor the amendment -- before he skips away without looking back at its failure.

With the Fabulous Bishops as his backup group, Romney claimed that having the majority vote on the rights of a minority was the essence of democracy. That hasn't worked since ancient Athens and has a disgraceful U.S. history.

Speaking from his office, he said:
Our elected representatives in the legislature will soon hold a historic vote. It regards the institution of marriage.

But it will not be a vote for or against same sex marriage.

No, it will be a vote for or against democracy.

The people here today have followed the law, followed the process established in the Constitution, and gathered an astounding 170,000 signatures. Their effort means that the people, the citizens, will be free to choose how marriage is defined in Massachusetts.

This is democracy pure and simple.

Shades of Strom Thurmond and George Wallace! That man has neither shame nor morality.

The accompanying press release is at least temporarily at the top of Romney's page. Amusingly enough, he can't even be honest and honorable with this. For instance, it claims that he appeared "today with a broad array of religious, civic and political leaders" while he actually had three Catholic Bishops and the two heads of the Mass Family Institute/VoteonMarriage organization. Oh, a couple of legislators too.

Archbishop Sean O'Malley looked like the bored busboy waiting to clear the table. He too did the munging of church and state into some bastarized call for democracy, when he meant discrimination. O'Malley's quote included, "The debate over the meaning of marriage should not be limited to government officials. The magnitude of the issue calls for full participation by the citizens of the Commonwealth. We urge our legislators to let the people exercise their right to vote."

There is this representative democracy thingummy that they should have learned in civics class. Ohio-born O'Malley can't claim a bye on that one either. Abusers of ballot initiatives have overplayed this hand too many times and here we go again.

There were slurs of "unelected judges" from Rev. Roberto Miranda of VoteonMarriage. Yet the hypocrisy prize goes to the Mitt man himself, with jive like:
Is there anything more fundamental to this Commonwealth and this country than the principle that power is reserved to the people, that government is the servant, not the master? We ask for one thing: the constitutionally prescribed vote of the legislature. Let the people speak.
So there you have it. Our highest elected official is delighted to try to subvert the process and join the Bishops in appealing to the basest of human feelings, the desire to deprive others of rights.

Romney's leaving town long before this process finishes unless the amendment goes down in two weeks. He's using the anti-SSM forces and will let Mineau and O'Malley and their chums to simmer in their own fetid stew.

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