Friday, June 16, 2006

Horrors, Could Mad Dad Be Fibbing?

Head over to MassResistanceWatch -- doing what it does best, keeping tabs and clearing the air. The site has the latest updates on the absurd allegations from Article8/MassResistance attributed to the Mad Dad.

It would seem that our anti-gay, anti-same-sex marriage forces don't know their limits. In making allegations that 7-year-olds were inspired to physical violence by liberal sorts, they appear to have overstepped.

Because of the accusations of inaction or worse by school officials as well, the Dark Side may have to backpedal at best. According to the school superintendent, the Lexington police need to see how such accusations arose when the adult and child witnesses have totally different stories from Article8.

It shouldn't be amusing, but every so often, Chicken Little gets called out.

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