Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Anti-SSM Petition Pending Today

Skulduggery aside, the forces trying to stop same-sex marriage in Massachusetts will present their petitions to the town and city clerks by 5 p.m. today for verification. Given the season, it is worth nothing that we would be much more thankful if we didn't have to endure two more years of their Fright and Spite Circus.

We have every anticipation still that they can meet the low bars —— first of under 66,000 signatures and second of a quarter of the legislators in two consecutive annual session votes. However, we wonder now about the second. More legislators see the downside to being on the losing side of this issue, particular in light of the last vote on the subject. Then, there's the unAmerican and undemocratic thingummy of trying to strip existing rights from fellow citizens to suit a minority's religious beliefs...

Meanwhile, Voldemort's People, sorry, make that Family Institute promise to provide plenteous petitions, double the required. With many eyes of the signature-gathering fraud, thousands of sigs will surely fail the challenge, but not half of them.

This will certainly lead to huge wastes of private and public time and money.

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