Thursday, November 10, 2005

Not in Texas, Son!

“Oh, you’re from New Jersey?” the cabbie in Columbia asked me a lot of years ago on the ride from the airport. “You'll like it here. South Carolina isn’t like Mississippi or Alabama or one of those states.”

Well, he was kind of right. South Carolina wasn’t like one of those states. It was one of them.

Likewise, Texas continues to show itself as a true yahoo capital.

In Tuesday’s vote, it looks like three out of four Alamo remembers wanted a state constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage. So, in five years or maybe 25, when Texas comes into the warmth to join the rest of the first world in permitting SSM, it will have to go through the cumbersome and humiliating task of another amendment.

Much like the 18th and 21st amendments to the U.S. Constitution banning booze, then legalizing it, the oops factor is enormous.

Meanwhile, the remnants of the WWII and Korean War generations are dying, taking their peculiar and conservative ways with them. The Gen-X and Y folk don’t understand the fuss over SSM, in the main.

In places like that…it is the Baby Boomers who are much more like their parents in fearing change and admitting reality that does not fit with their stereotypes. So, it may take that 25 years while laws change around Texas, while other DoMA states come to their democratic senses. Even seeing that SSM harms no one and no institution does little to change places like that.

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