Saturday, November 26, 2005

Kicking the Flock

Well, the Boston Globe editorial board woke up yesterday, this morning's lead piece takes Archbishop Sean O'Malley to task for his callous politicizing of the Catholic Charities fundraiser. Several of the humble bloggers here have been outraged about this already and we appreciate the new hippo waddling into the swamp.

The editorial lead is accurate enough. To wit:
BY SNUBBING the annual Christmas dinner for Catholic Charities, Archbishop Sean O'Malley seems to be saying that believers like himself must sometimes turn their backs on the common good if there is conflict with the church's strict religious tenets.

Such a narrow, polarizing view could hardly serve the city well and is especially disappointing during a season associated with tolerance and good will.
The former and disgraced Archbishop B. Law was a scarlet warning about choosing politics over congregants in general and the poor in particular. O'Malley might do well to heed the warning signs he left so widely scattered.

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