Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Word, Mainers!

The Potato People done good. With 86% of the precincts in, they defeated the mean-spirited repeal of gay rights effort. The vote is likely 55 or 56% in favor of keeping sexual-orientation protections in housing, employment and the like.

More will follow as the results are final. However, let it be said that Maine is not a liberal, Democratic hotbed of political correctness and all like that. In a long, difficult campaign, Mainers turned a corner and headed for the light. After knocking down gay-rights protections twice previously in the past seven years, they decided that being fair to fellow citizens was the way life should be.

We can hold off to see how the CCL and the handful of fundy ministers react. We predict it will be an "Ever downward, Christian soldiers!" battlecry of continued bigotry. Let's see.

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