Friday, November 11, 2005

The Cap'n on a Reef

Vintage Brylcreem ad=Our benighted Governor Mitt Romney did it yet again. Yesterday, he was in D.C. slamming the state and distancing himself from its citizens and government. Then he returns home and says it was just in fun or wasn't what he meant.

This time, he spoke before the arch-conservative Federalist Society. Very plainly and in context, he said that the four of seven Supreme Judicial Court justices who ruled in favor of granting marriage licenses to homosexual couples were forcing their personal, not legal, beliefs on the commonwealth. As the Globe report put it "legalizing gay marriage to please 'their like-minded friends in the communities they socialize in.'"

Attorney General Tom Reilly wants to be the next governor. He was quick to contradict our Cap'n Brylcreem. Now the Cap'n says he really wasn't implying what he said.

While Reilly has been all over the board on his SSM views, he is savvy enough not to ridicule the state and its officials in public. This time the AG got to say, "It's one thing for the governor to disagree with their interpretation and decision; it's another thing to question their motivation. He has absolutely no right to do that. I don't always agree with their decision. But I don't question their motivation."

Romney must have been giddy with the excitement being in a room with so many righties. He laughed at a joke tying our U.S. Senators with the Klan and followed it with the slurs of our highest judges.

That left Reilly with the high road. No matter how fast Mitt backs up, he is stuck in the muddy ruts.

No orator normally, Reilly got to point out the vastly disparate backgrounds of the four SJC justices. He concluded, "Four people of distinctly different backgrounds came to the same conclusion. Whether you agree with it or not, they deserve to be treated with respect."

Oh, Cap'n, I think your wig's on too tight.

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