Saturday, November 05, 2005

More Beeb Palpitations

BBC's Rabiya ParekhBack into introspection, but not mine. Raja, a contributor to The Lebanese bloggers, also had his endocrine system spurred by being asked to speak on the BBC World Have Your Say by phone.

Comments on my cameo are here. My interface by email and phone was largely Rabiya Parekh, right, who claims to have a serious scarf jones.

Raja was one of three Middle-Eastern bloggers, each of whom could ask the Syrian Ambassador to the London one (count it, one) question. That segment is here. It loads a BBC stream interface; no extra plugins needed.

Raja's emotions came from dealing with the ambassador. As he put it:
I was (and still am) a nervous wreck! However, somehow I managed to ask the ambassador some pointed questions. I'm sure my voice was cracking... at some points, I'm also sure I was incoherent... and looking back, I now wish I had said some things that I did not mention.

My heart rate is like 160 beats a minute!
It is a lot easier to plunge the keys than get personal by phone.

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