Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Live Stifled, Then Die

The Republican-dominated marriage panel in New Hampshire is only a few weeks away from a disgraceful avoidance of duty. During their final meeting, they voted against considering Vermont-style civil unions. The final report is due to the legislature December first.

Ironically, while conservatives and regressives nationwide scream, "Let the people decide!," this panel is ignoring the dozens of statewide hearings. There, the people said let the legislature discuss same-sex marriage, civil unions and domestic partnership. Instead, this group of hacks is pushing a DoMA agenda, for the heterosexual lifestyle, as it were.

As the very conservative panel chair, Republican Representative Tony Soltani chose to put it, "Society has to be prepared to agree to accept something before we shove it down their throat. If we adopt this, it'll be no more than an experiment that we inflict on our children."

So, the legislature isn't even supposed to talk about any of the topics. Leadership means hiding behind pretending that you can't even discuss something until the public has a groundswell in favor of it.


Check the full AP coverage of the last meeting here.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful headline, Marrier. LOL

Uncle said...

Ah yes, the lower traditions of my native state continue. Emerson coined one of his less-remembered bon mots after he was ridden out of Concord's First Congregational Church on a metaphorical rail for being an abolitionist pastor. It has resonated many times since.

"The Great God who made New Hampshire
Vexed the lofty land with little men;
Small bat and wren."