Wednesday, November 23, 2005

NH Panel — Down, You Gays!

The AP grabbed a sneak copy of the New Hampshire panel charged with studying marriage. According to the wire report, homosexual couples there won't get squat.

The conservative Republican majority will recommend December 1st that not only should the state legislature not even talk about same-sex marriage, but homosexual couples should receive no legal status. Ironically, the same anti-gay majority will partially justify not even talking about expanding rights because the state has no history of same-sex marriage. Huh?

A quote from the draft reads, "Same sex marriage has never been considered either a fundamental right or an essential element of society's fabric so as to constitute an essential liberty in New Hampshire history." Keep in mind that this panel was commissioned to lead in examining whether the state should consider modernizing. Leadership by inertia, hmmm, does sound like a good name for a Republican rock band.

The draft drones on, "The commission in the present situation can only suggest that rights that are contractual in nature be explored individually. To do so need not require that same gender sexual relations be recognized." The draft suggested the possibility of the very limited Hawaiian model of domestic partnership registry, with the possibility of getting health and insurance benefits and some inheritance breaks, but no joint adoption, no guardianship, no alimony or anything hinting, even smelling, of marriage.

The AP couldn't snag the minority counter-report.

The only slack for gays in the majority tramping of them is a recommendation that they can grant each other hospital visitation rights, but only so long as the patient is legally competent and not like spouses. Oh, no, no, no.

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