Friday, November 11, 2005

Quietly into Law in Maine

Up in Augusta, Mainers are efficiently and subtly preparing to implement their civil rights protections for homosexuals. Following the failure of the ham-fisted drive to strip sexual orientation from anti-discrimination laws and regulations, folks are readying for what they predict will be an underwhelming public response.

The secretary of state, governor and human-rights commission are all doing their bit. The former has until November 28th to certify the defeat of Question 1. The governor will likely sign it within a day to make it the law of the state, 30 days after he does so. The rights commission will evaluate complaints.

The AP also has a recap in today's wires. Maine Human Rights Commission Executive Director Pat Ryan expects "business as usual" for her five member commission. She checked with other states with similar laws and projects a dozen or so complaints a year.

Its investigators recommends per case whether there are grounds for rights violations. Then the commission tries to arbitrate between the parties. Only when they cannot get agreement, do they head to court.

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