Monday, November 21, 2005

Worms Against Menino

Picture the inchworm taut in concentration. He can flex his entire body to a task...and accomplish nothing noticable.

Thus the reactionary Faithful Voice gave a boycott and nobody came.

The alleged boycott will be of the Catholic Charities fundraiser holiday dinner because it honors Da Mare, Tom Menino. FV is rubicund with rage that Boston's honcho is inclusive for gays and pro-choice.

FV's solution? Stop giving money to CC immediately. Forget that CC does the work of Jesus in helping those in need. If it even speaks to those who do not fit FV's idea of the catechism, trash 'em.

Both local rags ran an article of the inchworm announcing its efforts to bring down the giant rasorial bird that is Catholic Charities. Bwak, bwak. It is to laugh a birdy laugh.

The Boston Globe treads lightly and gives the groupette an oddly kind respect. Instead of ignoring it or running a head about a small bunch of crackpots, its article does not ridicule the impotence of the effort. The net: one contributor may back out as a result of the harrangues.

By the bye, Faithful Voice admits up front that it is a reactionary backformation to fight the Voice of the Faithful. The wanna-be boycotters claim to number 50.

FV wants to bend CC to its will and reduce contributions to it by at least $100,000. Amusingly enough, it also demands that CC stop using Catholic in its name because it doesn't measure up to the level of FV's self-righteousness.

FV mouthpiece Carol McKinley said it is " honor someone who stands in the public square and mischaracterizes our faith." She added that FV has asked 10 donors to withdraw their tables. It also wants the KofC to join it.

Donors who spoke with the Globe were considerably more Christian in their views. CC is out helping the poor and other needy and as President Paul Grogan of The Boston Foundation put it, his group will attend and continue to plow thousands into its work. "People trying to reduce funds for the poor as a way to protest the political position of the mayor is not something we have any sympathy with," he said.

God bless him.


Boston Bud said...

The inchworm leader has a website. If you want to read the lastest in hate check out:

massmarrier said...

I guess thanks is due for the pointer, Bud. At least I had had breakfast before visiting. That is one tight and hostile set of rants from someone whose name means song of joy.

At least when you are that rabid, most folk will keep a distance.