Friday, November 25, 2005

Over the River, Into the Street

Our beloved Romney administration has been revealed for more passive aggression on married Massachusetts same-sex couples. Yes, it was outrageous that Cap'n Brylcreem did not let clerks update birth certificates, except by scratching out the old language. Now it turns out, his folk have made no effort to allow the spouses state health benefits.

Instead, 18 months after same-sex marriage became legal here, if the Cap'n had his way, they would not get MassHealth benefits given to any other married couple. The reason is that by the present payment system, part of the money comes from the feds and part of us. Because the feds do not recognize same-sex marriage nationwide, we can't use their money.

Of course, to a reasonable administration, this is a few keystrokes to shift the accounting. That would provide the equal treatment mandated by law, and centuries of custom. If this is not done, some same-sex couples would lose their houses and everything of value if one of them has to go to a nursing home. That's what MassHealth is there for and that's why we fund it.

Instead, the Cap'n kids will force legislative action. two dozen members of the General Court are on it. My local Representative, Liz Malia, is the primary sponsor (damned Commies in JP; they'd feed the hungry if you didn't watch 'em real careful like).

"This is exactly what we're talking about for most people; the ability to live your life as a functioning citizen of the state, to take care of yourself and your significant other." Of course, the ever spiteful Kris Mineau of the Massachusetts Family Institute countered with the loving sentiment of the season, "We hope in the end that traditional marriage will once and for all be established in Massachusetts."

The feds have already accepted the bill's practice in dealing with Vermont. They pay for their version with only state dollars and George's kids are fine with that. It should cost the same to the state and its taxpayers, as it is simply moving disbursements equally.

I think we should expect a governor to watch out for us, rather us having to watch him all the time.

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