Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Can't Get Over It

Careering across the line separating absurd and pathetic, yet another same-sex marriage opponent publicly lets his elaborate fantasies rule his life. Often, when you need a good laugh, you can head to MassNews. Recently though, their own Captain Ahab, J. Edward Pawlick, has yielded too much to his obsession.

Warning: If you are sensitive to adults humiliating yourself, do not follow the links.

anti-DiMasi plane banner

For months, this anti-gay, anti-SSM site carried a countdown for when Sal DiMasi, Speaker of the Massachusetts House, would call for a vote to toss four of the seven Supreme Judicial Court justices. Meanwhile, in the world of touch and thought, of reality, people laughed at the absurdity of it all.

Pawlick, who always writes of himself grandiloquently as Atty., as though being a lawyer gives him gravitas and stature, seemed honestly to think he can pressure the entire General Court to his bidding. The issue was that bill of address filed by the ever dotty Rep. Emile Goguen. The latter's fantasy is enough other Massachusetts legislators would join him in removing those justices for doing their jobs in interpreting the commonwealth constitution, allowing same-sex marriage.

Rather than show even a little grace in losing, Pawlick used his Coppertone Offense again, hiring airplane banners (as above). Yeah, that'll do the trick, Eddy.

So, having dropped the countdown that never was except in Pawlick's mind, his latest bluster has the heading, Another Democratic Politician, Sal DiMasi, Breaks Solemn Promise --- But He Will Undoubtedly Change His Mind. Like a mutating virus, his delusions shift. Now, he avers that merely claiming that DiMasi is obligated to handle Goguen's lame bill exactly and on the schedule Pawlick demands, all will happen according to the addled Atty.'s plan. He never even considers that nothing like the necessary votes are there.

This one is more embarrassing than funny. It is a prolonged and more serious version of a comedian's pratfall. It goes on. He gets up and does it again. You know it's going to happen, that there is no way to prevent it, and yet you watch.

The message here is that Pawlick is different in degree but not kind from Article 8, the Christian Civic League of Maine, MassResistance and other anti-gay, anti-SSM sorts. They cannot get on with their lives. The politicians here have. The public has. The Pawlicks don't get it, won't get it, can't get it and may seek their dishonorable graves short of both compassion and wisdom.

They remain the barnacles on the hull, simultaneously unchanging, mildly destructive and insensitive to their environment.

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