Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mayor Maura Maybe

In a The Onion style keeper, the Dig’s cover carries a banner head “HENNIGAN DEFEATS MENINO”. It is down to the old tabloid-newspaper style of extra editions.

Nicely done, Tak Toyoshima, Dig art director.

Pick one up and tuck it in your collectable pubs box. Only a thumbnail is online. It is, after all, their art cover.

As a sample, the sidebar reads:


A group of Maura Hennigan supporters gathered on the Common late Tuesday to heave handfuls of flowers and candy, and pull down a statue of Mayor Thomas Menino before a sea of TV cameras.

“All praise due Maura!” one yelled, while hitting the felled Menino statue with his shoe.

“She is our dear leader,” another yelled, fumbling to get her shoe off, before collapsing into a heap and ululating until police helped her up.

However sincere those gathered appeared to be, police were skeptical.

“I don’t think I remember seeing a Menino statue on the Common,” one said. “I think they might have actually brought it with them.”

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