Friday, September 16, 2005

.08 Acres Nails Mitty Best

It's really not massmarrier's business, but we advise clicking on .08 acres (and a Donkey)'s excellent coverage of Mitt Romney's pathetic attempt to appear like a leader. Many papers and blogs have picked up on our Captain Brylcreem's bug-the-mosque fantasy, but sco does it right.

As a teaser:
Here's the thing that really bugs me. We have a Homeland Security Department right now that puts infants on the No-Fly list, and we're supposed to trust that they will only spy on the "bad guys". I certainly don't want to end up with my phone being tapped because I used an inappropriate amount of water for a house my size two months in a row or whatever.
He also links to our inglorious governor's very own pandering words.

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