Friday, September 30, 2005

In the Backpacks of Innocents

The amorality of anti-same-sex marriage campaigners dug a new bottom. According to a piece in today's Boston Herald, Massachusetts Catholic-school students are ordered to take home petitions for the 2008 initiative to rescind SSM.

The ethics issues aside, some parents do not appreciate the church and school pimping their kids for politics. Plus, now they have the whole issue on the table at home. The article quotes one mom of twin 12-year-olds in Boston's Holy Cross school. "It's not for their eyes. My boys are too young to have to deal with that.''

While this is far from the Children's Crusade, the concept is similar. Also, this one is forced on the parents as well as the kids.

In a complete whoring of the commonwealth's Roman Catholic churches to this effort, the four bishops are working directly with Catholic Citizenship in the parishes and schools. The executive director of the group thinks this is all good educational fun. "Teachers incorporate this into their civics lessons," said Larry Cirignano. "
Kids are actively involved in trying to get signatures.''

Living in one of many neighborhoods were the local parochial school kids hit us up to buy candy bars, wrapping paper and raffle tickets, we find this even worse. So does MassEquality's political director, Marc Solomon, who said, "Schools may make them salesmen. But they should not make them political solicitors.''

The bishops have allowed zealotry to trump propriety.

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