Saturday, September 10, 2005

Healey: Not Quite Mitt

Our lieutenant governor, who wants to be governor, whipped out a many-sided political artwork yesterday. Kerry Healey claimed to the Boston Globe that she really was in favor of civil unions.

You can look at that many ways. Thus, we ask:
  • Does this really distance her from Mitt Romney, should he choose not to run for another term?
  • Does this maintain her anti-gay-marriage credentials with Republicans?
  • Does this give homosexuals and the larger liberal community a reason to vote for her?
  • Can she really think such tepid support for the 2006 Travaglini compromise initiative up for vote next week will sway the results?
Today's article reports:
''I am maintaining my position that the current amendment before the Legislature would be preferable," Healey said. ''I have consistently supported the current amendment . . . because I think it strikes a good balance. It recognizes that marriage is between one man and one woman, but also provides a legal framework for the protection of same-sex couples."
The gay community has pointed out to her repeatedly how far civil unions fall below the standard of marriage in protecting and benefiting homosexual couples. She may be saying, "I'm not Mitt Romney," but we are hearing, "I'm pretty damned close to being Mitt Romney."

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