Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Crimson Fustigates Mitt

A beautifully reasoned editorial appears in today's Harvard Crimson. It uses Governor Mitt Romney's sneaky words to point out his illogic and hypocrisy of supporting the 2008 anti-same-sex-marriage initiative.

The theme is that while our Captain Brylcreem screams "Will of the people!," they spoke loudly when their elected legislature tromped on the 2006 anti-same-sex-marriage initiative. The Cap'n just wasn't listening.

Tracking the legislature (or is it the other way around?), the public polls have risen in a year from 44% supporting same-sex marriage to 56%. Yet as the editors write, "Evidently, however, the evidence and the resounding decision of the Legislature├é—the very manifestation of the will of the people – —are still not satisfactory to the opponents of same-sex marriage."

So, here we have a normalized process of same-sex marriage. The majority of the public and the legislature favors it. Also,
The referendum bid threatens to needlessly destabilize this harmonious social atmosphere. Never before has a referendum been proposed in Massachusetts that seeks to dissolve the rights of a minority group that had been previously guaranteed. In fact, the Massachusetts state constitution explicitly prohibits referenda concerning religious organizations for precisely this reason: the correct belief that the rights of minorities should not be fodder for public consumption and political hackery, but for well-reasoned debate in a controlled setting.
The Crimson concludes that not only should the people speak, but they have. Thus, "...
the only responsible decision left for Romney and his allies is to drop the issue and let the Commonwealth continue to exist as it has."

Give it up, Mitt.

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