Monday, September 26, 2005

Stretch Your Legs, Boston. Vote.

Maybe 10% to 15% of Boston voters will be out for Tuesday's primary. You can have a disproportionate impact by picking your at-large city council candidates.

You will do well by choosing:
Felix has the record of liberal accomplishment and Sam has the right platform and the brains.

These two are the best of the bunch (opens a list in PDF). You can choose two others or stop with these two. They are the crucial ones to go to the next round. Eight of the 15 go to the November election, where you can pick the final four.

Polls are open for 13 hours, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If you are registered and need to verify your polling place, check here.

By the bye, nearly all candidates claim to support same-sex marriage. A few compassion-challenged sorts like Roy Owens, Ed Flynn and Joe Ureneck are in the DoMA camp, but most of the others are at least tepid supporters.

Even more tangential to the election, our favorites may have the most musical talent in the race. A review in the Boston Globe of the Spotlight the Candidates talent show in Hyde Park Sunday. The article included:
Amid the good-natured warbling, a couple of show-stoppers stood out. Crashing applause followed Yoon's performance of the Miles Davis song ''All Blues." And the standing ovation for at-large Councilor Felix Arroyo's rich baritone began long before he finished the last stanza of ''My Way."

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