Sunday, September 11, 2005

AP: 2006 Initiative Dead

Having polled coaches and writers for NCAA football, the AP had time for the Massachusetts legislature. Today, it officially predicted that the 2006 Travaglini-Lees amendment was dead.

Quite a few of us had predicted that for months. Yet, it when the AP formally announces such, it seems like a done deal.

The vote is likely this Wednesday. They would need 101 of the 200-member combined General Court. According to today's report:
The AP attempted to reach all 200 lawmakers with at least two phone calls between Sept. 6-9. Of those reached, 104 said they would vote against the proposal, 19 said they would support it, and 3 said they were undecided.
This may tone down the volume of those screaming for one-man/one-woman marriage laws here, but only slightly. We're betting that the 2008 version that does not have the civil-union compromise, just outlawing same-sex marriage is headed for the ballot.

This means three years of whining, lobbying, artificial news, debates, and many thousands or even millions of dollars of private and tax-payer money in the signature gathering, legislators' time, and the actual ballots. We can thank AG Tom Reilly in part for certifying this lame initiative for signature gathering and starting the process. We would much rather have the General Court addressing real needs of the commonwealth than considering stripping a whole class of citizens of their existing rights.

Mostly of course, we should thanks the anti-gay and anti-same-sex marriage folk. They can't get on with their lives. Much as they pretended that awful things would happen to the commonwealth as well as their personal relationships if a single gay couple wed, they will kick this thoroughly dead horse for three more years. Ironically, this means three more years of the citizens seeing that they are liars, losers and fools. Homosexual marriage is none of their problems and should be none of their concern.

Not entirely coincidentally, three more years of contention, much in synch with three more years of George Bush the Lesser are on tap.

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