Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Wispy Hope for Arnold Conversion

September 23rd is the deadline for the California legislature to turn over the bill it passed permitting same-sex marriage. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger cannot veto it until it flutters to his desk.

Sponsor Assemblyman Mark Leon says he's waiting until that day. He and other supporters keep lobbying Arnie to change his mind about his promised veto.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle,
Gay rights groups are planning activities each day until then, leaders of the gay rights advocacy group Equality California and state officials from the Bay Area said Monday. Those activities will highlight various segments of the population that could be affected by the bill, such as gay senior citizens, children of gay parents and different ethnic minority groups.
Equality California reports that over 50,000 emailed Arnie through its Website, urging that he sign, not veto, the law.

Arnie's chief flack said there's not a chance he'll reconsider.

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