Monday, September 26, 2005

Cap'n Disses Us, Again

Big up to Frederick Clarkson for flagging the Mitt Romney piece in the Washington Post. It seems others have noticed how he runs down Massachusetts when he is out seeking POTUS support in early-primary states.

For our Captain Brylcreem, a little dab of grease will keep his hair tall and a slathering of ridicule of the home folk will make him one of the boys (wherever he is). It does not play well at home and is surely hurting him in the hustings.

The Cap'n has very few jokes. He definitely needs to buy several more as his seedy caravan travels the country.

He likes to compare himself to a cattle rancher at a vegetarian convention. He also says he is a red dot in the bluest state. He goes on about Boston as an organized crime center and tries to distance himself from Big Dig overruns while laughing at them.

Intentionally or not, he likely has queered any gubenatorial re-election here. On Beacon Hill and in Southie alike, getting dissed behind your back is not forgettable nor forgivable. Unless he falls flat in his efforts for the GOP POTUS or VP spot, he thinks he's out of here.

In South Carolina too, where he has made several speeches running down the Bay State, his ill manners won't fare well. The sandlappers understand and value respect and loyalty.

Mitt now has the full range of carpetbagger traits. From Michigan to Utah to Massachusetts, he shows up, says, "I'm one of you and am here to help," makes his profits, and splits.

The Cap'n doesn't seem to realize how apt his cattleman joke is. The real contrast is between thoughts and deeds. He claims to have felt like the carnivore amongst the vegans. Yet he scoffed those tofu burgers for years –– with vigor and great dishonesty.

So long as it suited his aims, he was pro-choice and tolerant of same-sex marriage. Suddenly, aw shucks, he was a conservative Republican all along. Really, believe him; he's serious this time. Um hmm.

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