Thursday, September 15, 2005

Oh, You (Dan) Savage

Writing on adoption under Sunday's New York Times' "Modern Love banner," Dan Savage –– yes, that columnist of fun and fluids –– continues to straddle the same-sex marriage fault line. He fascinates in his ambivalence.

He has even written a book on marriage, The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage and My Family, Dutton, due September 22, 2005. While that may seem odd for a very openly gay man, consider:
The fundy stereotype of a gay man is an insatiable, amoral satyr, with multiple partners nightly. Some gay advocacy groups portray him as in a long-term committed relationship, at least as honorable as a straight man's.

Savage is another creature. He loves his partner. They have been together for a long time. He rarely is attracted to, much less pursues, another man. Yet, he does not care for the hypocrisy of marriage that seems to lead so many straight men and women into adulterous affairs.

Clearly, anyone with Savage's thoughts and feelings would not be in the first wave of legally married homosexuals. Nor should he be.

Perhaps we should recall that the same Old Testament used to damn homosexual activity assign adultery to the abomination to God class of behavior as well

We're betting that the first wave included many Massachusetts couples who had already mated for life and just wanted the paper and privileges that come with marriage. Could Savage be one of the second wave who commit only after struggling, musing, discussing and perhaps even praying?

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