Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Don't Be A-Fray-ed

I'm sorry to have directed you to the Fray today for coverage of the Constitutional Convention. The guest blogger must have good intentions, but she is an entertainment goddess and her coverage and conclusions showed that.

She figures that the vote of 157 to 39 against the 2006 civil-unions-instead-of-same-sex-marriage initiative indicates that we are home safe. Our legislators are with the program. Wipe your hands of the issue.

Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain.

The anti-gay and anti-same-sex-marriage forces will jump with both boots into the battle to ban same-sex-marriage all together for 2008. Because Attorney General Tom Reilly green-lighted signature gathering for the next ballot initiative, the game is afoot. We have three years of angst and expense and vitriol pending.


Anonymous said...

You're obviously right about the fight being far from over, but that very last ditch--the 2008 election--looks like it's in the good guys' favor, right? If we can't get enough tolerant folks out on a Presidential election day in Massachusetts to vote down an attempt to enshrine discrimination into the state constitution, surely we're screwed for a lot broader reasons than just homophobia in government, right? (And by "we" I certainly don't mean just GLBTQs.)

massmarrier said...

Good points all, rieux. Certainly the polls tell us (and the pols) that a healthy majority of voters consider SSM a done deal and a right. And I'm with you in thinking that it's the right thing for all of us.

Looking at the lies and scare campaign going on in Maine for gay rights, I dread three years of hate mongering. Money and volunteers will come from local and out of state. We're a target.

The initiative process that lets the majority vote on rights for any minority still makes me nervous.