Saturday, September 10, 2005

OMG, Offended New Yorkers

Apparently, former Governor William Weld left whatever convictions and courage he had when he crossed the Massachusetts border. He now deserves the Wee Willy Award.

Last month, he told the New York Times that he only appeared to support same-sex marriage when he was governor here. His respect for the court system inspired his apparent charade.

Now that he has moved to the Empire State and wants to be governor there, he suddenly will accept civil unions, but certainly not gay marriage. No. No. No. No.

The Advocate has a short recap of Wee Willy pandering to the New York Republican Party Thursday. After a closed door session with the GOP shots, he said that they asked about key issues. To wit:
(H)e told them he also favors a ban on what anti-abortion activists call "partial-birth abortion," sees no need to reinstate the ban on assault weapons, and, although he supports "100% equality of rights," he would not favor same-sex marriage because the idea offends many New Yorkers.
So, roll that around in your mouth and mind. We can't espouse real equality because it might offend some people.

Perhaps in his remaining lifetime, he can be enough of a chameleon to reinvent himself for other states. Maybe Wee Willy could produce enough new, improved versions of himself to become governor of every Northeastern state. To New York...and beyond!

What a sad, strange little man.

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