Wednesday, September 28, 2005

City Councilor Game Afoot

  • From today on, the game is really on because it's such an abysmal, deplorable turnout, you really can't gauge strengths or weaknesses.

  • Former City Councilor Michael McCormack

    Truth that.

    Suddenly it's 8 candidates for 4 at-large Boston city council seats in November's election. Our two heroes fared well. Whether Sam Yoon can become the smartest councilor in decades and the first Asian-American one ever remains to be seen.

    Both Boston Globe and Herald have basic reports. The Globe includes tallies and finish order.

    Key points include:
    • Both best candidates, Felix Arroyo and Sam Yoon, are in the run-off.
    • Felix is one of three incumbents up top and is almost certain to get a spot in the election.
    • Two other incumbents, Michael Flaherty and Michael Murphy.
    • The 15.1% turnout was low but not terribly so.
    • Only one DoMA-type candidate, Ed Flynn, made the run-off and he squeaked into the final slot.
    • The fundamentalists and no-shows at fora got shut out.
    Note: Did the Baby Boomers' parents get into a naming rut with Michael or not? If someone yells for "Mike!" in the council chamber, does everyone turn around?

    Much was made in both papers that first-time candidate John Connolly came in fourth. Yet, he comes from an established political family, is very well funded, has a strong hired and volunteer organization, and ta-da, is yet another Irish-American.

    In fact, only Felix and Sam have any color other than pink. In theory, race should not be an issue in at-large council races. In reality, Boston is still very splotchy with separated racial and ethnic groupings. So of course, the culture of the candidate helps determine both the attractiveness to voter and the effectiveness in serving diverse constituents.

    There's now just over a month before the election. Sam could always win in his next go, but we would very much like to see him get to work for us next year.

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