Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Half-Empty in Hartford

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced today that his state will:
  • Recognize current and future civil unions and domestic partnerships in other states
  • Not recognize Massachusetts same-sex marriages
His official statement includes:
Civil unions performed in other states are entitled to full faith and credit in Connecticut, and cannot be repeated here. Out-of-state same-sex marriages have no legal force and effect here
This was his response to a request from the Department of Public Health. It handles marriage licenses.

On the other hand, married same-sex Massachusetts couples moving there can form a civil union.

Vermont has civil unions. California, Maine and New Jersey have varying degrees of domestic partnerships.


Anonymous said...

How ludicrous is that? What a farce...just freaking get over it already. Arg!! What, because it's real marriage, they feel it's not valid?

Stupid. Someday CT will get with the damn times.

massmarrier said...

Right-o, Lynne. Full faith and credit is a key to our federal system. How incredibly insulting and irrational to deny another state's valid marriages.

Perhaps I am guilty of impatience. I don't think that is a fault here.